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I have to tell you about an amazing music source I use when I write.

It’s not your typical playlist. It’s way better than that. I use

Why? Because it helps me focus and get deep work done.

Did you know… received funding from the National Science Foundation.

How cool is that?

They did studies like measure brain activity while people listened to varied music to see how and when they responded best. But it wasn’t just one study. They really dug into multiple areas.

They studied things like how different music helps you focus if it’s the right music, or what music helps with sleep, or even when you want to relax. It comes down to different things they call Neural oscillations.

Here’s a quick peek of what it looks like:

Science and Music are a Winning Combination

Anyway, they ran studies on behavioral patterns and have some cool research you can check out. Have questions, drop them a line.

Imagine how many more words you’d get down if you could stop hopping from shiny project to the next shiny project.

That was one of my big struggles.

Deep work. is where it’s at!

So, they do this neat thing called Neural Phase Locking. It means that they know the best way to help you lock into a focused state based on the correct Neural oscillations.

Take for instance sleep. That’s all about your delta waves, where relaxation is more about alpha waves. Focus uses a combination of alpha and beta waves. Meditation uses theta waves.

Anyway, I’m rambling, because I love this kind of stuff.

If you do too, or if you’re struggling to find your focus, it’s totally worth checking out.

True story…I like it so much, I’ve got a lifetime membership.

Really! Here’s a snapshot I took to show you.

See! Told you I love it.

Want a coupon?

I wrote them to see if we could partner up. I know how amazing they are, and how valuable it is as a resource for other writers.

Guess what?

They said yes!

If you pop in ws-brainfm as your code, you can grab 20% off and get a feel for it yourself.

I don’t know all the intricate details, I leave the science to

 What I do know is it really helps when I want to tune out the world and tune into the story I’m writing. It’s a total game changer.

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know if you tried it.

Don’t forget your coupon, which snags you a discount.

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