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gifts for writers, ideas for aspiring writers

Gifts for Aspiring Writers

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just a “because, I wanted to” gift, you’ll find a great selection of gifts for writers below. Here are 14 gift ideas… suggested by a writer for other writers.

One of the most difficult things is to find motivation when it seems to be lacking. That goes for anybody on any topic. Imagine being a writer, sitting at your desk, and nothing comes to you. Frustrating! Your friend or family member asks if you got a lot of writing done… how do you explain writer’s block to somebody who doesn’t write?

One of the best way to motivate a writer is to surprise them with an awesome writing gift. Show them you support their craft. That’s a huge boost to somebody who’s struggling to find their words.


leather bound journal for writers
This small journal from Etsy comes in two different sizes, and offers other color selections.

Some people are prolific and can write for days. They sit down and type away, knowing exactly where they’re headed. They take pride in their productivity and love to share that they’re a writer.

writing quote on t-shirt, gift for writers
This shirt from Etsy is a fun gift.

Both of these people are writers. It doesn’t matter where you are in the journey. Whether you’re a new writer just getting your feet wet, or a long-time writer knocking out the next novel on your list, knowing your friends or family see you as a serious writer is a big deal.

Motivational Writing Gift… from Etsy.


Writing software is a surefire way to get a writer excited. While I like to hand jot notes when I’m away from my desk, I love a great piece of writing software at my computer. Scrivener is a huge force in the writing world, and many people would be lost without it. It’s an affordable option that offers software for both PC and MAC. There’s even an IOS version, too.

Writing software – By writers, for writers. Click on the picture to go to their website.

My hands are always cold! My husband thinks my internal temperature is off. I’m always trying to warm my hands up. If you’re writer complains of cold hands in the winter while writing, or just loves stylish literature wear, check these out. They have a lot of different choices, colors, and books… how cute are these?!

Have you heard about the Rocketbook Journal? These things are SO COOL! One of their most popular styles is the Everlast. Wait until you hear what it can do.

You write in it, then send your notes to yourself with their app. When you use their special pen, you can erase it. Yep. It can be wiped clean with a cloth and water. What? YES! That’s not all. It’s “ENDLESSLY REUSABLE.” Think of how many notebooks your writer has lying around. Now they only need this one. I’m not even going to go into another one they have called the Wave. I kid you not, you microwave it to erase and reuse it. These things are awesome. Be sure to check out all of the neat products they offer. Here’s an image of their popular Everlast. Click on the picture to go to their website.

rocketbook notebook - gift for writers

Who couldn’t use another coffee mug? I love this saying. It always makes me smile. By clicking on the image below, it will take you to Zazzle’s website.

Another batch of great gifts for writers.

I know, this next one, you won’t get. Unless you’re a writer. Then you’ll be giddy with joy. I spent so many days in the library as a kid. Reading and writing have been with me forever. I live and breathe books. This card catalog desk organizer is so adorable. Better yet, it’s an affordable gift for a writer, that shows you get them. You can find this at WayFair.

card catalog desk organizer, writers gift

Give the gift of a writing class. SavvyAuthors is an affordable option with a revolving list of classes. You can also check out places like Margie Lawson’s lecture packets that are just over $20+ dollars, and Holly Lisle. I’ve taken classes or read books by each of these.

savvyauthors logo, points to their list of writing classes
Click on the image to go to their website and see the list of upcoming writing classes.

If you’re looking for something bigger…something to wow them, then I’ve got a great choice for you. I’ve taken multiple classes with MasterClass and enjoyed it tremendously. I took the Dan Brown class, Shonda Rhimes, R.L. Stine, Judy Blume, and David Mamet’s. When I see the incredible talent they keep adding, it makes me want to go back and take more! Here’s the cool part. If you take one class, great. But if you buy the year-long pass, it’s a bargain! I snuck in a class on Reba McEntire and one from Steve Martin, too, because of that pass. I got my money’s worth with so many great classes.

Join MasterClass and have access to classes by: James Patterson, Dan Brown, Malcolm Goldwell, Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, Judy Blume, Neil Gamon, David Mamet, Margaret Atwood, David Baldacci, and more.

How about these writer gifts?

Book jewelry? Yes! These are a bestseller in the book jewelry category for good reason. Aren’t they awesome? There are so many different choices from bracelets to earrings, pendants, and key chains. Go check them out, today.

book jewelry, gifts for writers, readers, and book lovers

What about a new office chair? This is the one I use. I love this chair. Did I say love? Yep, love it. I’m a plus-sized girl, and knowing that this is a great, comfortable chair at a good price was a win for me. I’ve had it for years! This is in my office and I use it every single day. I love the brown, but they also have it in black.

Click to see it on Walmart

Have you heard of Rory’s Story Cubes? They’re a neat idea and perfect when you’re looking for an idea or stuck. They have different versions. Click on the image to see the full line-up of their story cubes. What an inventive and cool thing for writers.

rory's story cubes for writers

ONE STOP FOR WRITERS is a website full of information. It comes from the authors of the Emotion Thesaurus — I love those books. I have a bunch of them, because they’re so helpful. You can even get a free trial for your writer to check out…or buy them access for a month at a time up to a year or more. (Month price – currently $9.00 at the time of this article. Yearly, $90.00) You can check out ONE STOP FOR WRITERS here. It’s chock full of useful tips, information, and resources.

gifts for writers, i'm a writer, let me help you find a gift for your writer

And of course, there are tons of books on writing, but that’s a post in itself. Did you find something to get your mind churning? Hopefully, something will jump out at you from the list above. Any of those would make this writer tickled… Put a smile on your writer’s face today!

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