How do you plot?

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Rather than trying to fit in the mold of what works for others, the best tip I can give you is to find what works for you. Let me show you why…

If you’re a bullet point person, you like things quick and concise, you might find a looser style of writing easier. Think of breadcrumb trails…a couple sentences about what you want to happen in each chapter.

If you’re big on things like spreadsheets, knowing every detail before starting, a tighter, fuller outline is probably where you’ll find your sweet spot.

Don’t know where you’re going at all, and like to feel things out? You’re probably a pantser or what’s now sometimes called a discovery writer. If you need to trust your gut, start writing. Get stuck? Slow down and figure out what needs to go next.

Breathe! You don’t have to do it one specific way to find success as a writer. Do what works best for you. You’ll get more words and have less stress!
People often ask how to remember all the little details of their stories. This article shows you a really cool tool that will help. I explain ways I use it, and show you all the cool features.
Did you know…
According to a report from Grand View Research, the book revenue forecast will hit $159.3 billion (USD) by 2028. It’s currently at 138.4 billion. That’s a huge jump! (source)

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Happy writing! 

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