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Let’s Talk Plotting and Story Details

I’ve got documents in so many different folders. I’ve been writing for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve written series and had to go back scanning, scrolling, and searching for a detail I forgot.

That meant I needed to find a note from book 1, while I was midway through book 3. Not fun.

It’s not hard to remember most of those details early on, but once you start stacking details, and get deeper into your story, remember if your character has blue eyes or brown. Oh yeah, and was a character’s father a Navy pilot or an Air Force pilot? And what about that restaurant you named in your second scene….

You get my point, right?

Yeah, keeping all those details straight can get a tad overwhelming…especially if you’re writing a series! So, how do you keep it all together?

The good news? I found a better way…

I used to toss notes here in there when I remembered in a text document or read back through the other books, but it was time consuming, because sometimes a note I thought I made—I hadn’t. Yikes!

When Plottr (yes, it’s spelled without the E between the T and the R – Plottr NOT Plotter) came into my life, I knew it was the solution to my problem. I didn’t know how much frustration it would save me…heck if I knew, I’d have grabbed it sooner.

Check out some of these cool features:

The wild part? That’s not even everything it offers!!!

features of plottr

Let’s look at some of the cool things that Plottr offers, and why I fell in love with this program.

One huge benefit for me is that I have ONE place to look now. I am currently writing book 5 in a series, and with a quick glance, I can easily find details I wrote in book 1 like a last name of a neighbor or some other tiny detail that I might have forgotten or got mixed up. I know I can open my file and EASILY find my details, which saves me time. A big win in my book.

When you’re distracted, do you know they say it takes something like 20 minutes to get back on task? I’d rather find something in under a minute, then be forced to dig around searching for something I know I have…somewhere…but no clue where that specific detail is. With Plottr, it’s no longer an issue.

*Also note, that I’ve partnered with Plottr to share this value with you. As an affiliate, I may earn a small commission if you do purchase the program. Anyway, on that note, when you open Plottr, you’ll be able to choose what you want to do first. It looks like this:

The worst is when a reader goes, ‘in book 1, they were named Lisa Jenkins, so why is it spelled Leesa Jenkins now?’

I haven’t had that happen, but I’ve read it in other book reviews. I cringe, because I understand how awkward must be. OH, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made plenty of other faux pas over time, but so far I’m clear here. Of course, it took me ages when I was digging for a detail. That time issue is no longer a problem for me with Plottr.

What about you? Will you remember ever small detail? Like what you named your character’s goldfish seven chapters prior, or what your character swore was their favorite snack ever was peanut butter, only to have them claim eight chapters later they’re deathly allergic to peanuts. Whoops!

I know it sounds silly, but your readers pick up on those inconsistencies. Go read reviews, you’ll start to notice stuff like that.

Plottr Offers Starter Templates…Yes, Seriously.

I know… here are just a few to give you an idea. There are bunches of them…

plottr features

Take a peek. They are easy to find, and clear as day. You can sort through them and see how they’re laid out before choosing which one you want to use. Or choose not to use a template. A blank project works too! But the option is here if you need help getting a sense of structure.

Did I just hear you gasp a little under your breath? Yeah, I felt the same way!

Ready to go check it out and see what else you can learn? Click here for more information, like new features, current pricing and more. This is one program I’m thrilled to have found. Yep. I’m a lifetime member now. I know value when I see it.

I just went back to look. I jumped into a lifetime membership in August of 2021. Why did I wait???

Story bibling (the process of documenting details of your story or series for easy reference, such as character names, locations such as towns, businesses, and other stuff) is so much easier! I finally remember all my tiny details.

Check out Plottr here.*

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