Writing Social Media Posts: Tailwind for Instagram

Tailwind makes life easier! I love to check out different tools when it comes to either saving time, making things run smoother, or simply taking the challenge out of keeping up with all the little odd jobs that come along with working for yourself.

One of the things I find though is that no matter how many tools I try, checkout, do a trial for, download, or start to use, most don’t stick for me. I have monkey mind and unless it’s a clear win, creates little friction in my day-to-day use, and is super user-friendly, it’s going to sit. Then it’s simply wasted time and money.

One of the few tools I decided to go with was Tailwind. Now, the cool thing about Tailwind is they let you try it out before you buy, and that I did. It’s pretty cool for things like Pinterest, but you know what really surprised me? I bought it and use it for Instagram! I never thought that would happen. I knew about it as a Pinterest tool. I was mildly curious when I heard it did social, but it fell off my radar for a bit. I think I saw that Louise M. used it for Instagram, and since she’s the one I’ve probably read the most tutorials and such for on and off, it peaked my curiosity. Tailwind for Instagram? Okay. I’ll see what it can do. Check out Tailwind for Instagram.

Who knew I’d love it! I’m so not a social girl, so being able to set up my grid and schedule it is awesome, but most tools can do that, right? So, what got me? I loved their #hashtag autosuggestion, that I could save pre-made groups, and the ease with scheduling multiple posts at a time. It’s so user-friendly, I couldn’t NOT use it.

Seriously, I am the anti-consistency girl when it comes to social media. Ever since I started using Tailwind for Instagram? I have daily posts going out, and then it auto posts over to Facebook, too. Best part? I can change the caption up so they aren’t always duplicated.

I’ve been impressed with how much it’s stuck to me like glue. I have struggled for years to stay consistent and failed… over and over. Tailwind finally has me posting daily, and I’m thrilled. Love it so much, I had to share the news, and I’m even an affiliate* now. Ease of use. Frictionless learning. Super-timesaver. Helps with hashtags, and more. If you’ve been trying everything under the sun, consider Tailwind for Instagram. I’m so glad I finally did!

What kind of results do people get?

If you’re on the fence, check it out here and give their free trial a shot to see if it will work for you too.

*I am an affiliate for Tailwind. What that means is that if you purchase it via my link, I’ll receive a small commission. This does NOT change any pricing on your end. It’s more like a finder’s fee.

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