Understanding Theme Helps Give Your Story Depth

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Understanding theme will give better depth to your story…

Consider the story “The Three Little Pigs” and the sequence of events…The wolf…the huffing and puffing…it’s gently reflecting on human condition and behavior. 

It’s better to be prepared by doing things the right way. Cutting corners won’t save your “bacon” when push comes to shove…or quite simply, hard work pays off.

Theme is about why your story matters and what you’re trying to say. It’s not preachy, it’s subtle in the background, but it helps mold the story. 

Show both sides, or take one side and lean into it. 

Examples: Good vs Evil, Power Corrupts, Loss of Innocence (seeing the world for how it truly is)
Have you seen my list of favorite writing books? 

If you ask what somebody’s favorite writing book is, the same few books pop up over and over. And most are great,  but…they may not resonate with how you learn. I like learning the nuts and bolts, HOW and WHY things happen, like the nitty gritty details. People adore “On Writing” by Stephen King — and yet, it didn’t speak to me. Good read, and I like his fiction, but it wasn’t written for the way I learn… We all have different  learning styles. Want to see writing books I adore?   My favorite writing books
Eat your veggies and keep reading…As published by Cambridge University Press, in their journal International Psychogeriatrics:  Reading was protective of cognitive function in later life. Frequent reading activities were associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline for older adults at all levels of education in the long term.More on the study here through Social Science and Medicine.

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