I love a great writer shirt, and if you’re looking for gifts for writers, you can’t go wrong with a clever, wordy shirt for your favorite author.

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I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar

Shh, it’s okay to admit it here. I was probably doing it, too!

It used to be more difficult to find a writing shirt, but thankfully, more and more people are making them available, which of course makes me giddy.

Just a Girl Who Loves to Write

I love this writing shirt so much. I love to write, like LOVE it. It’s an escape for me. When I’m in the zone and words are flowing, it’s like a happy place where dreams come true.

I Turn Coffee into Novels

For me, this one would need to say Diet Coke. I’m one of the few who isn’t a fan of coffee, but I live and breathe Diet Coke, and my writing wouldn’t get accomplished without it! What about you?

I’m a Mom and Writer, Nothing Scares Me

This cracks me up. I have two grown boys. Not a lot phases me these days. Do you have kids? Yeah, you totally get what I’m saying.

It’s way Too Peopley Outside

Introverts unite! Home is my happy place. Crowds give me hives. Are you a social butterfly, or a stay at home and happily read girl? If you’re a writer, you just may relate.

Metaphors Be With You

Clever! It’s one of those sayings I wish I’d thought of first. I love a great pun. This makes a great gift for the writer in your life.

Writing Ingredients

What does your list of ingredients look like?

Team Oxford Comma

I am Team Oxford Comma. Yes, it’s true. I grip tightly to that comma and refuse to let go.


Cute and to the point. This is a perfect writing shirt to slip on when your’e ready to start your words for the day.

Library Card Socks

Caught me. Not a shirt, but aren’t they so cute? I spent so much time in libraries growing up. I get giddy when I see stuff like this. Ooh, one time I saw a coffee table made from an old card catalog stand with the legs removed…it was pure bliss.

Library Card Stamps

This will easily become your favorite shirt or if it’s a writer gift, they’ll love it just as much.


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